Bc Moose Hunts Regulations

Bc is a beautiful place to go hunting and lots of people cross the border to achieve this. The prey is wonderful and there are numerous locations to check out. Helpful tips can even be a smart investment to make the most of one's time throughout the border.


However, before hunting, there are some legal regulations that have to be assessed for all Bc moose hunting. If these regulations are certainly not being adhered to, the hunt will probably be illegal and thus the hunters will probably be treated as criminals.


It is recommended to at least know these items beforehand.



19 Years Or Older



A person who is going to be hunting in British Columbia must either be 19 years old (minimum) or have somebody who is older than this age when they go hunting. If these conditions will not be met, it is a legal violation and you will be treated therefore.


You can find general assessments made on the land and checks are done for people who are hunting.


The guide should be more than 19 if they are performing.


The guide also should be licensed while they are carrying this out. If they are not, the consequences may be high.



Licensed Guide Allowed Two Hunters Only



Let's say a qualified guide is hired and will also be taking hunters throughout the lands to get good prey. What is going to be required of which beyond the age limit that has been established by the local government?



You will find further restrictions in terms of how many people might be taken by the hunter with a single time. You can find only two additional people allowed with all the licensed guide that can be making the rounds the region.



If there are other than two, this really is illegal and can lead to consequences as deemed fit through the authorities.



Use Designated Land Ports For Meat Transportation



Let's say meat will be hunted in Canada and then taken directly into America? Can it be done and what are the legal consequences of not doing it properly? There are several legal consequences and they do tally up. This could include fines or prison sentences based on the amount being crossed into America.


What you can do to take it in to the nation? You can find designated ports now available to take throughout the hunter-harvested wild ruminant meat. With such ports is the only way. 

These are the basic key British Columbia moose hunting regulations you should take into account as a hunter. If you don't, there are numerous legal issues which will turn up and many of them will not likely find yourself looking healthy. It will also put in your criminal background and that is not pleasant for everyone either.

 It can be smarter to be familiar with these regulations and not make errors which will be costly in the future throughout your daily life. These regulations are outside and really should be listened to. 

You can read the British Columbia government’s documentation on moose hunts at http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/fw/wildlife/hunting/regulations/1416/docs/Hunting-TrappingSynopsis_2014-2016.pdf


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